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Rifles and Rebels
Fighting the Civil War 1861-1865


It's July 1863, and the Army of the Potomac is holding on. Yesterday the Johnnies hit hard and the line held. Today you are the leftmost flank of the army and must not give an inch of ground. Though dulled by the morning mist, the shrill sound of a Rebel Yell is unmistakable. The Johnnies are on the move again.

Will you hold?

Rifles & Rebels is a unit based game where units are composed of 5 to 10 figures. In Rifles & Rebels you can choose from two sides and two arms with a total of four forces (Union Infantry, Union Cavalry, Confederate Infantry, and Confederate Cavalry).

Whichever you choose you must lead one or more units of men through the war, the American Civil War, fighting when needed because it's all about victory and glory, and in some cases, just survival! The cannon are booming, the troops mustering, and the fight is coming to you.

Rifles & Rebels uses a floating scale which allows you to count each unit as a platoon, company, or battalion. This allows you to fight large battles as well as smaller actions.

Rifles & Rebels and Muskets & Mohawks share similar mechanics with changes made to reflect the different periods.

55 pages
4.4mb PDF
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And a Bottle of Rum
Your pirates, your way


Some like their Pirates from history... Blackbeard, the Spanish Main, and such. Some like their Pirates a little more open-ended--more “what if?” history, where the game is grounded in the period, but the player is open to customize.

“And a Bottle of Rum” does both. The mechanics of the game (build your crew, get your first ship, etc.) provide all the game mechanics you’ll need for table top adventures. Not strictly a miniatures game but not a traditional Role-Playing Game either; an Immersion Game where you take the role of a Pirate Captain and fight (or flee) to gain fame and fortune.

Inside you'll find:
  • Rules for small land Encounters from Carousing to Smuggling.
  • Rules for Big Land Battles for sacking cities.
  • Rules for ship to ship combat with boarding actions.
  • Rules for Big Sea Battles with multiple ships per player.

To cap it off, in “And a Bottle of Rum.” there are two campaign areas. The first is the Spanish Main, the New World around 1660; the Golden Age of Piracy-- the historical part with the places and people of the time period.

The second is the “what if?” historical version. Instead of the Spanish Main you’re plying your trade off the coast of Lemuria, seeking the charms and treasures of Mermaids then carousing in the trade ports.

You can play Pirates your way. Torn from the pages of history or from your imagination, it’s up to you!

132 pages
11.6mb PDF
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By Savvy and Steel
A Gentleman's Life in 17th Century Europe

By Savvy and Steel takes the player back to 17th Century Europe. Everyone’s heard of the Three Musketeers and the Cardinal’s Guard, and yes, By Savvy and Steel will work for that, but we’ve taken it a bit farther. How far? Glad you asked!

Instead of tying you into Paris of the Musketeers we let you travel the countryside in a generic country called Edenstein. It’s based on the Europe of the 17th Century and it could be France or England if you want, but it doesn’t have to be. You have the choice, it’s your story!

In By Savvy and Steelyou can choose to be a Guardsman, Rogue, or Civilian. Civilian? Yes, you probably won’t want to be a Civilian but you could be if you wanted to. So why are they there?

Because it’s not all about dueling every day, in By Savvy and Steel, it’s about the adventure and Civilians make for good story lines. Maybe you have to rescue a kidnapped daughter of a wealthy Noble. Or maybe you’ve decided to be a Highwayman and rob coaches. It’s all about the story and that’s what By Savvy and Steel is about, the story, your story. Inside you’ll find:
  • A complete area to adventure in.
  • Multiple scenarios.
  • A variety of Classes for you to play.
  • A fun and interactive Dueling system (well it is in the Musketeers time period!).
  • A light book keeping campaign to track your character’s progress and link your adventures together.

You’ve received a message from the King. He requires your services but there’s still time for a mug of ale if you hurry. As you enter the Drunken Stallion, a foot is extended and causes you to trip into another man.With a curse he turns on you and tries to slap your face. You grab his hand, and he pulls away. You see him grab the hilt of his sword.

“You sir, are an oafish pig and I demand an apology or satisfaction! “, he shouts. The tavern is suddenly quiet. Which will it be? Do you risk looking foolish in front of all, or do you accept his challenge. And who was it that tripped you?

90 pages
6.4mb PDF
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Rally Round the King
Not just another fantasy game

Rally Round the King, or RRtK, can be played solo or with everyone on the same side. Unlike other games that say that they can be played solo, RRtK really can. With the unique Reaction System from Two Hour Wargames, RRtK is perfect for gaming with your friends or kids instead of against them.

RRtK can be used with any figures you already have, regardless of how they are based.

There's over 40 fantasy armies to choose from and if your favorite one isn't there, we show you how to create it. Want to play historical battles instead? We've included a Table of Equivalents that allow you to field up to 30 historical armies. There's a Point System that you can use, if you want, to play tournaments.

A "no-book keeping" campaign system that handles all the diplomacy allowing you to concentrate on fighting battles.

Fully compatible with Warrior Heroes, Armies and Adventurers, our skirmish game, also set in the fantasy world of Talomir. Now you can take your favorite characters from the dungeon to the battlefield.

Easy to learn yet no two battles are ever alike. Play one up battles or play a campaign, just play!

Note: Rally Round the King is based on over 30 HISTORICAL armies. Just drop the Magic rules and RRtK works perfect for historical gaming.

94 pages
3.9mb PDF
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Muskets and Mohawks
Unit-based Game of the French and Indian Wars

Players take on the role of an officer commanding multiple units of men. Included in the rules are lists and options to play the Napoleonic Wars, the American Revolution, the War of 1812 as well as the Texas War of Independence. Here's more details.

It's 1754 and there's news of the impending war between France and Great Britain. But that's in Europe and between Kings and there aren’t any Kings in North America. Life for both the French and British colonists is tough enough with trying to stabilize their respective frontiers and dealing with the local Indian tribes is a delicate balancing act. No, let the Kings fight amongst themselves across the pond. It's not my fight.

Or at least it wasn't until today. Word has spread along the frontier of open conflict. The tribes are choosing sides and the militias mobilizing. Settlements are suffering brutal raids causing harsh retaliation in kind. The frontier's aflame with war! The Kings may not be here but their war is and while many sides can lose only one side will win.

In Muskets and Mohawks you can choose from two sides with a total of four factions. You can be:
  • British Regulars
  • French Regulars
  • British Allied Indians
  • French Allied Indians
Whichever you choose, you must lead one or more units of men through the war, the French and Indian War, fighting when needed because it's all about victory and glory, and in some cases, just survival!

The war drums are beating, the militias mustering, and now it's become your fight. Welcome to … Muskets and Mohawks!

62 pages
4.59mb PDF
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Long Rifle
The black powder period immersion game centered on the French and Indian War

An immersion game is one where the players take the role of individual characters trying to gain experience and rewards that will allow them to grow in abilities. Although immersion games share some common elements with Role-Playing Games (RPGs) there is a dramatic difference. The difference between immersion games and Role-Playing Games is that in an immersion game you have a combat system that can be used alone to recreate small skirmishes in a realistic manner. Think the Last of the Mohicans movie or the Sharpe's Rifles television series covering the Napoleonic Wars.

Your role is to gain fame and fortune while leading a small band of men through encounters and adventures. You will gain fortune by hunting and trapping wild animals and fame based on your exploits and success. During your adventures you will meet friends and confront enemies. You start out independent not taking sides in the conflict but staying that way may be a challenge. Long Rifle is compatible with Muskets and Mohawks, the unit based game of the French and Indian War. When combined think of them as the movie, Last of the Mohicans. For the large battle in the field where the Indians ambush the British you would use Muskets and Mohawks. For the smaller actions such as the ending of the movie Long Rifle is perfect. Both sets may be used for the American Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars and any other period that used black powder.

82 pages
4.31mb PDF
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Muskets and Shakos
The Napoleonic Wars 1803-1815

It's 1812 and the self-proclaimed Emperor of France has conquered all of Europe, save Portugal. Ignoring the flea bites of Spanish guerillas and their Anglo-Portuguese allies, the Emperor has gathered 750,000 men with the intention of subduing the Russian forces of Tsar Alexander I. The future of Europe lies in the balance.

Muskets and Shakos is a unit based game where units are composed of 2 to 20 figures. In Muskets and Shakos you can choose from two sides, with a total of seven factions. You command a division of troops from the following list:
  • French (including French satellites).
  • Austrian.
  • British (often including allied troops such as the Portuguese).
  • Prussian.
  • Russian.
  • Spanish.
  • Turks.
Whichever you choose, you must lead your units through the Napoleonic Wars, fighting when needed, because it's all about victory and glory, and in some cases, just survival!

65 pages
6.1mb PDF
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After the Horsemen
Conquest, War, and Famine... Oh My!

And don’t forget Death. Commonly referred to as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse they rode through the land signaling the end of the world. What caused the end of mankind, the end game? Who knows? Who cares? The real question is…


After the Horsemen takes place after mankind has broken down. How’d it happen? Who really cares? As one of the few people still alive it’s your goal to survive and thrive in this new world. While some view it as the end of the world a few think of it as a new beginning. Kind of like the glass being half empty or half full, it’s all how you look at it.

After the Horsemen includes:
  • Three character classes for your character, Sheep, Pack Wolves or Lone Wolves, each with their own specific way to behave. After the Apocalypse things are so much simpler.
  • Over forty Signatures and Skills that allows you to customize and differentiate your main character, your Star, you!
  • A variety of items ranging from food to “luxury items, those things that make life worth living in these troubled times". Those things you have to collect to survive.
  • Various weapons to insure that you get those items.
  • A number of pre-generated Encounters and the how to info for designing your own.
  • A light book keeping campaign system to link your adventures.
After the Horsemen can be played solo or cooperatively, with all players on the same side, against the game mechanics. It can also be played head to head against your friends. After the Horsemen is compatible with All Things Zombie – Better Dead Than Zed and other Two Hour Wargames products.

Your SUV has a full of tank of gas and you’ve got food for a week or two. Weapons? You cleaned them, again, last night before saying your good-byes. You’re not sure which way to go but you know that it’s time to go. You start the engine and adjust your sunglasses, you’re off.

ATH is strictly a human-centric post-apocalyptic game. No zombies, no aliens, no mutants, etc., just humans versus humans. If you’re looking for that sort of thing try All Things Zombies and 5150: New Beginnings, both are fully compatible with ATH.

98 pages
5.80mb PDF
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All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out
Better Dead than Zed!

Final Fade Out is the final version of ATZ. The basic book to get you started and all the others are compatible supplements to expand your Final Fade Out games.

It’s the final chapter of the original All Things Zombie, the Origins Award Winning Best Miniatures Game of 2006.

Final Fade Out sweeps you up and sticks you right in the middle of a catastrophic zombie outbreak. Who you are when the outbreak occurs is just as important as where you are. Because unlike other zombie games, where the zombies have been around for a while, you won’t be able to tell the humans from the zombies until maybe it’s too late. Because it’s all happening to you just like it would on Day One. Confusion, chaos, and lack of information are just some of the challenges you’ll face when the world starts to crumble. Will you have what it takes to survive the first 30 days?

Final Fade Out starts on the first day of the outbreak, but then let’s you continue your life building your very own future. It’s a game where every detail has been covered, as you first escape the soulless creatures that threaten you, then hunt them down and take back what’s yours. On the way you’ll find that perhaps your most dangerous enemies aren’t the zombies, but are your neighbours and sometimes your old friends.

ATZ can be played solo, cooperatively with everyone on the same side, or competitively with everyone against one another. ATZ can be played as a one off game or part of an ongoing campaign.

But it doesn’t matter which way you play it, as the goal of ATZ is to rebuild the world, as you knew it; except maybe this time with you in charge.

106 pages
4.7mb PDF
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A scenario book for ATZ: Better Dead than Zed!

Z-Day took mankind by surprise and for a long time there's been no sign of resistance. But now rumors of safe zones are spreading through the land. They say the military has taken back large areas and local radio broadcasts are urging survivors to head to these safe havens.

But not everyone wants to go.

Groups of survivors have their own "safe" areas under their control. They are self-sufficient and doing okay. Not great, but okay. And they like their new found freedom and look forward to finding like-minded recruits. They're making the best of a bad situation.

But they're not alone. Gangs of lawless people have their own areas under control. These gangs patrol the highways looking for loot, prey, and in some cases new recruits. They like things just the way they are.

In Haven, you have three options:

MILITARY - Command military units; introducing you to better weapons, new equipment, and a list of missions for you to play. It's time to kill some Zombies and pacify the area.

SURVIVOR - We provide you with Nowhere Nevada, a self-sufficient community that you can explore, trade, and perhaps recruit from.

GANGER - We give you a ready made gang, place to live, and opportunities to grow your power.

66 pages
3.62mb PDF
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I, Zombie
The Four Horsemen have Arrived

I, Zombie is the last book in the All Things Zombie Trilogy. In the previous two books, ATZ and Haven, we gave you the "how" of the game. How do you get started? How do you shoot? How do vehicles work? Everything you need to know about how to play the game is in those two books.

Now that you know the how it's time to take ATZ from a repetitive wargame to a full immersion game. We do this by giving you the 5 "W's": Who? What? Where? When? Why?

I, Zombie provides you with:
  • A completely populated area to game in centered around the Post-Apocalyptic town of Lake Havasu City, AZ.
  • Smart Zombies
  • Ragers
  • BA Worms... "I tremor just thinking about them!"
  • Psionics
  • Rules for using interiors of buildings.
  • A complete economic system that allows you to grow your gang of survivors.
  • The best AI in tabletop gaming that allows you to play the game solo or cooperatively with everyone on the same side.
I, Zombie brings the story to life and it changes how you view All Things Zombie.


134 pages
6.48mb PDF
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FNG - 2nd Tour
The Game of Man-to-Man Combat During the Vietnam War

FNG Second Tour is the second edition of FNG. With streamlined mechanics and kicked up realism. FNG 2T gives you what you need to run your grunts through infantry combat in Vietnam during 1967-1968.

Don't have an opponent? No problem! FNG2T also includes extensive solo mechanics so you can play against the game either by yourself or with friends all on the same side! FNG2T is designed to be played with one figure representing one man and in any figure scale you may already have. Artillery, airstrikes, helicopter gunships, Puff the Magic Dragon, bunkers, tunnels, and more. FNG2T has them all and much more.

FNG Second Tour also includes a unique campaign system to carry your Star (your personal soldier) through an entire combat tour of exotic Vietnam. This campaign system not only generates your missions, but also your enemies, rewards for success and repercussions for failure, even the terrain in which you will play. You'll never fight the exact same mission more than once.

As your campaign progresses, so does the experience and abilities of your troops. If you command well, some might even survive long enough to rotate home and be replaced by fresh FNGs. But, if you lead poorly you will see more than your share of body-bags.

So throw on your favorite 60's music, lock and load, and head out into the jungle. The enemy is waiting. Will you have the guts, or will you be…just another FNG?

133 pages
4.23mb PDF
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Adventures in the Lost Lands
Adventures in the Lost Lands, introduces you to a world like no other. A world of giant creatures and prehistoric men.

You hear the whispers. Giant creatures from the dawn of time alive and walking the earth. Dinosaurs! How can it be? As a hunter you have to find out the truth so you follow the rumors to this god-forsaken corner of the world, Lemuria! You've spent days and large sums of money in tracking the Beast and now it's come to this. Your bearer trembles as he pulls back the branch giving you a clear view of the Beast in all its splendor. As you steady your aim it turns, looks you in the eye and at that moment you wonder...

  • Be a Pulp Era hero exploring Lost Lands and searching for valuable treasure.
  • Lead your tribe of primitive cavemen in a fight against other primitive tribes.
  • Be a modern day big game hunter who travels to a pre-historic land that time forgot.
  • Command a Victorian Era expedition bent on discovery and conquest.
  • Be a dinosaur, not only a dinosaur, but THE dinosaur, as you take on all others for supremacy.
  • Or maybe command a squad of WWII GIs blasted into a strange pre-historic world while on maneuvers in Louisiana*
In Adventures in the Lost Lands you can do all of this and more.

A number of linked scenarios are included, forming a campaign which can be played solo, cooperatively with all players on the same side, or head to head against your friends!

*Really? Louisiana? Yep... it's a long story.

Adventures in the Lost Lands is a stand-alone game, but can be used with Larger Than Life and other Two Hour Wargames rules.

76 pages
4.7mb PDF
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Racing at the Famous Circus Maximus!

Whip your opponent or bash his chariot.

Do whatever it takes!

Relive the glory that was Rome with this fast paced chariot racing game. You can be a Patron, the head of a chariot Racing Faction, whose goal is to win Fame and Fortune. Or perhaps you prefer the danger of being a Charioteer, earning your keep on the racing oval. In either case you must learn your trade on the Fringe of the Empire and work your way to your ultimate goal,

In Charioteer we let you play on two levels. They are:

Charioteer - As a Charioteer you spend your entire time chariot racing, trying to gain experience and find work in the best of places, Rome herself.

Patron - As a Patron you buy and sell both horses and charioteers alike, put up the money to enter the races, all with the hope of winning more fame and a chance to race in Rome herself.

It's Rome. You'll do whatever it takes to get to the top, to race in the Circus Maximus. As the saying goes: "ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME!"

In Charioteer we give you:

- Complete rules that allow you to recreate the drama and tension of chariot racing in a realistic manner.
- Counters to represent your chariots as they race around the table.
- Pre-generated opponents to race against.
- Complete rules to run a full blown campaign at two levels.

Charioteer is great played with friends or even solo against the game mechanics. It's a game that can be played in as little as 30 minutes or longer if you choose to run more than one race. Perfect for the family as well as the serious gamer, Charioteer is easy to learn which makes it very kid friendly. In fact, you can play with your kids, racing in the same Faction, as opposed to against your kids, if you like.

The trumpets blare and your horses are ready. The moment of truth is at hand as the Emperor himself signals the start of the race. You guide your chariot around the racing oval using all the skill, savvy, and if need be, savagery, in the quest to finish first. The quest for Fame and Fortune is on and none shall stand in your way. Welcome to the world of... CHARIOTEER!

35 pages
3.58mb PDF
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Six Gun Sound - Blaze of Glory
Six Gun Sound is THE cowboy game. Why? Because Six Gun Sound puts you into the Wild West of 1875 to 1885. Why pick that ten year period? Well, it covers the Lincoln County War, the unpleasantness in Tombstone. The Demise of the James/Younger Gang, the gold fever in the Black Hills that led to the Great Sioux War of 76 as well as the founding of Deadwood, lots of Apache trouble, the Nez Perce, the flight of the Cheyenne from Indian Territory... and a bunch of other stuff.

We're talking Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Custer's Last Stand, Geronimo, and Wild Bill Hickok, to name a few. This is the time period that made the Wild West wild and burned it into the hearts and minds of every kid growing up. Except in Six Gun Sound we dig deeper into it to let you "live" the time period. You choose what you want to be; Marshal, Outlaw, Ranger, there's up to six different professions. So different that each one has a unique Encounter system that allows you fight the battles that these Gunfighters, Cowboys, and others would fight. The "Encounter" system is what tells you who, what, and when you're going to meet when it's fighting time. Now add this to the "Campaign" system and you're not just gaming the Wild West, you're living it!

With the "Campaign" system you can travel all across the US and into Canada or Old Mexico if you like. We're talking about 22 different areas that you can travel through. All the work of dreaming up your next bank robbery, gunfight, cattle drive and many other encounters are already done. We've done all the work, we've built and populated your world, and all you have to do is enjoy and play the game!

116 pages
1.49mb PDF
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Larger than Life
The Game of Pulp Adventures

It's spaceships, jungle lords, and Nazis. Lost cities, underwater adventure, and maybe even a hard-boiled detective or two. It's about heroes moving from scene to scene at breakneck speed. Hot on the trail or maybe a step in front of the bad guys. It's clever cliffhangers that leave you wanting more. But mostly it's all about the story.

And that's what drives Larger Than Life. In LTL you step into the story and become a Larger Than Life Hero. LTL moves you from scene to scene each with a different challenge. Complete your challenge and move to the next scene. Fail and you're whisked down another road that leads to who knows where. But if you stick to it and if you're lucky you'll complete all the challenges and that'll get you what you wanted from the beginning, a shot at the "Big Bad". The Big Bad, the Evil Genius, or the Villain... we prefer to call him the Yin to your Yang because without the "Big Bad" there's no story. And it's all about the story. Welcome to the world of... Larger Than Life!

80 pages
5.32mb PDF
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Colonial Adventures
Colonial Adventures allows you to recreate the "dirty little wars" of European expansion on the tabletop. Refight the heroic stand at Rourke's Drift or try and change the result at Isandhlwana. But it isn't just about the British and Zulus... It's also about the French Foreign Legion, Berber horsemen, Imperial German forces, Masai warriors, the Russian army, Pathan tribesmen, and many more.

In the book you'll find over a dozen armies to choose from, with additional lists available via the TH Wargames Yahoo Group. Also included are "open ended" scenarios to fight new and unique battles every time you use them. You can play solo, all on the same side against the game, or head-to-head.

Using Two Hour Wargames Reaction System, Colonial Adventures provides a framework for games of varying scope - from skirmish, to games with more than 100 figures per side. Units are typically 15-20 figures.

52 pages
1.75mb PDF
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Colonial Lemuria
A source book for Colonial Adventures and Larger than Life

A source book that provides you with a complete continent to explore with both Colonial Adventures and Larger Than Life. But it's also our first step into the world of Victorian Science Fiction.

Lemuria - land of adventure. Old when Eden was young, it is a land of secrets both ancient and new. It beckons travelers, both experienced and new. Lost civilizations, exotic people, and strange steam driven machines open the door to a world of wonder.

Lemuria - where the established European powers of Colonial Adventure will vie with ancient peoples for control of the land and its people. To bring their bustling markets, mines, and gems under their control. Fight fierce desert warriors. Travel from steaming jungles to freezing mountains and beyond in search of great wealth.

Inside you'll find:
  • Ten new army lists for Colonial Adventures.
  • Sixteen new types of unique to Lemuria animals to hunt.
  • A detailed map with over 25 exotic cities that will be the scene for future Larger Than Life adventures.

44 pages
3.5mb PDF
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Nuts! Final Version
Wargame/RPG Rules for WWII

Scale: Man to man combat. 1 figure equals 1 man; 1 model equals 1 vehicle.
Your Role: Players can command from one squad to a platoon of infantry or from one platoon to a company of tanks.
Playability: Designed for solo, same side, and head-to-head play.

NUTS can be played in a variety of ways:
  • You can play as a Squad Leader with a full squad.
  • You can play as a Squad Leader with less than a full squad.
  • You can play as a Fighting Vehicle Platoon Leader with three to five vehicles.
  • You can play with only one Fighting Vehicle.
  • You can play large games with multiple squads and vehicles.
The bottom line is you can play it any way you like, with any figures or counters you like.

Inside you’ll find:
  • Rules for infantry combat with over 15 different formations.
  • Rules for vehicle combat with stats for over 100 types.
  • Four armies to choose from – American, British, German and Russian.
  • Thirty-five unique attributes to personalize your squad members.
  • Rules for urban combat.
  • A minimal bookkeeping Campaign System that gives meaning to every game as the results of one will affect the outcome of the next.

113 pages
8.6mb PDF
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Nuts! Fire in Korea
Korean War Supplement for Nuts!

The men of my squad are cold, worn out, and short on sleep. We've been fighting for days and our advance seems to be challenged at every step. Just when we think we can take a breather, we're at it again. Thwack! Mortar fire and we all take cover. We have to keep moving. We advance, running as fast as we can covered in layers of clothes against the cold, trying to keep as low as possible as the mortar bombs burst on the frozen ground. Thump, thump, thump. The slow burst of a Chinese heavy machine gun breaks the silence when the mortars stop firing. Another ambush!

In Fire In Korea you are a Platoon Leader and your job is to complete all your missions while keeping your men alive. But that's a tough job as the war was constantly changing. Fire In Korea takes you through the Forgotten War. From the opening period of the NKPA offensive through the other four phases of the war ending with the last phase, the Static War. All are covered and all bring their unique challenges.

Using NUTS!Second Edition as the base, this book gives you three ways to play:

1. You can play one of the six provided scenarios. These can be played solo, same side, or even head-to-head against your friends.

2.You can generate a game from scratch using the included tables and play either solo or same-side or head-to-head.

3.You can generate and play a series of connected games that span a campaign.

Fire In Korea includes lists for the US Army, USMC, ROK, KATUSA, British, Australians, Canadians, Chinese and North Koreans. Vehicle statistics and rules are compatible with NUTS! 2nd Edition and we've added some new ones. You can take these new rules and use them in your normal NUTS! games as well.

In Fire In Korea you'll experience the Korean War in a way that no other rules has ever done before.

Note: Fire In Korea is not a standalone game. You must have the core rules, NUTS! - Europe 1944, to play.

76 pages
2.54mb PDF
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Nuts! War Against Japan
Supplement for Nuts!

Sandy beaches, gentle breezes and half-naked island girls. Ahhh, what a life! Who could ask for a better duty assignment?

Then came December 7th - Pearl Harbor - and that vision was wiped away in an instant. The next four years changed an exotic fantasy into a hellish nightmare for many young men from many nations who fought over seemingly insignificant scraps of land with names like Betio, Peleliu, and Iwo Jima.

For the Allies, the war in the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) was fought under conditions unlike any found in Europe or North Africa. Fought against an enemy unlike any they had ever faced before.

For the Japanese, the war was about proving that their cause was just: the liberation of Asia from the yoke of Western oppression.

Welcome to the world of NUTS! - War Against Japan. NUTS - War Against Japan includes American, Australian, British, Chinese, and Japanese armies, all the major players in the Pacific from 1941 to 1945.

WAJ portrays actions at the "tip of the spear", the area of combat where small arms dominate the field. This is that deadly space where you can look your enemy in the eye while driving a knife into his heart; where the foxhole next to you may just as easily have the enemy in it as one of your buddies.

66 pages
7.41mb PDF
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Nuts! War Without End
Weird War Two Supplement for Nuts!

Weird War 2 Start with the inherent weirdness of World War II, add the public fascination with the new science being unleashed around them and top off with the popular pulps and comic books of the day – and you have set the stage for Weird War II. Welcome to the Weird War, a no-holds barred clash of chaos in which Combat Walkers stride the battlefields, Yankee Rocketmen blaze through the skies and ray guns reduce tanks to glowing scrap metal.

Here's what's included:
  • Some actual technology history
  • Fantastic technologies
  • Weird Science unit and vehicle lists
  • Special or expanded rules
  • General rules on creating your own Weird Science campaigns
  • Sample scenarios that may be fought head-to-head with players taking opposing sides, cooperatively against the game or solo as either side

NUTS! War Without End (WWE) is a supplement for the game NUTS! 2.0 by Two Hour Wargames. A copy of that rule set, as well as gaming implements and miniatures, are required to play.

112 pages
5.63mb PDF
$20.00 USD | Add to Cart

5150: Star Army
Customizable Sci-Fi Skirmish

5150 Star Army is a man to man skirmish game where one figure equals one man, alien, or vehicle. Start off with a squad and soon you'll be playing platoons and companies. Playable solo, same-side with everyone against the game mechanics or head to head against your friends. Includes a player friendly campaign system. Rules cover infantry, vehciles, Bugs, and much more.

Simply put you're a Platoon Leader trying to keep your men alive while completing your missions. Make that you're trying to complete your mission and if your men stay alive that's even better. You're the tip of the Gaea Prime spear and your enemies are many. The Empire is hungry and growing and that means you're always at war. As a Star Army Platoon Leader you'll be fighting other humanoids, alien races and things that don't fit into either class. Their faces may change but the enemy is still the enemy and you have a job to do.

108 pages
3.25mb PDF
$20.00 USD | Add to Cart

5150: Battalion Commander
Congratulations Colonel! You've just been promoted.

In 5150 Star Army you were a Platoon Leader in charge of three squads and with a little experience it became a company. But now all that’s changed.
In 5150 Battalion Commander you’re in control of a battalion. Three companies!

But don’t worry; it’s a bit of a learning curve so we’ll start you out with one company. Before you know it you’ll be up to speed. And you better do it quickly as there are new enemies to conquer in addition to the Hishen and Bugs from 5150 Star Army. Remember, it’s not a job, it’s an adventure and this adventure will let you play with cool new toys.

Inside you'll find:
  • Rules for infantry, mechs, vehicles and aircraft on a larger scale.
  • A pre-generated mini-campaign linking your Missions, yet still allowing you to play one-off battles when desired.
  • Complete campaign system that rewards your successes and punishes your failures.
  • New Aliens to fight, plus the old Hishen and Bug standbys.
  • Increased gaming scale where each squad consists of two stands allowing for bigger games, while maintaining the realistic feel of men under fire found in 5150 Star Army.
Like all THW games Battalion Commander can be played solo or same-side, against the game mechanics or head-to-head against your friends.

91 pages
8.7mb PDF
$20.00 USD | Add to Cart

5150: Star Navy
Spaceship Combat


"The Star Army motto is “We take the war to the enemy; one planet at a time.” They do a fine job of it but we take them to those planets and we get them back. And unless we do our job they can’t do their job. So listen up Cadet and I’ll tell you how we do it…”

Star Navy is a bit of a departure from traditional space games as it's designed to be played with lots of ships in a campaign setting. Your object is to win the war by defeating the enemy in multiple battles as opposed to one off games.

In 5150-Star Navy you can command a squadron of ships or a fleet if you like. Your job is simple; sweep the stars of the enemy. For you it’s not who the enemies are but where they are. Your missions will range from hunting pirates to flying the flag and in between you’ll be fighting other Factions and Races, all intent on seeing your ships turned into debris. In 5150 - Star Navy you’ll find:
  • Rules for fleet scale spaceship combat, 20+ ships per player.
  • Pre-generated scenarios covering a variety of missions.
  • A variety of Factions and Races including those found in 5150: Star Army.
  • Rules to BYOS - Build your own ships.
  • Complete campaign rules that are easy on the book keeping.

    5150 - Star Navy can be played solo, same side with everyone against the game, and of course head-to head against your friends. Playable with any ship models, in any scale, this easy to learn yet tough to master game, is perfect for the casual or battle hardened space gamer.

    No matter how many times you’ve done it before you still feel the rush when you “blink in”. Scanners confirm what you’ve suspected, the enemy is at hand. As the individual crews rush to battle stations your ships advance in formation. The order to engage is given and the battle is on.

    78 pages
    7.3mb PDF
$17.00 USD | Add to Cart

5150: First Contact
First Contact is a supplement to 5150, the original set of sci-fi rules from Two Hour Wargames.

First Contact revolves around a rebellion on a small planet where the colonists have decided to break away from their home world. It documents the war between Earth and her first colony, Mars.

But what starts out as a local conflict erupts into something larger as the rebels, known as the Sahadeen, receive help from an unexpected source, the ever-expanding empire of Gaea Prime.

First Contact incorporates the Earth Force and Sahadeen into 5150. We've documented the three stages of the conflict and have provided six linked scenarios into a mini-campaign. First Contact can be played solo against the game mechanics (or against the machine as we like to call it), cooperatively where all players are on the same side against the machine, or competitively against your friends. It can be played from either side.

First Contact can be used with any figures you may already have.

FC is not a stand alone game. You must have 5150 to play.

40 pages
5.04mb PDF
$10.00 USD | Add to Cart

5150: New Beginnings
Customizable Sci-Fi Skirmish/RPG

In 5150: New Beginnings you're thrust into a bustling, living urban environment hundreds of years in the future. Or maybe it's just a place far, far away. In any case, your goal is to take your characters; we call them Stars, as far as they can go. Acquire wealth, fight crime, commit crime, or something in between; it's all up to you. Want to be an interplanetary smuggler or how about a bounty hunter? Yep, you can be that. Want to feel the rush of jacking up your body with the latest technology and running on the edge.

In 5150: New Beginnings you'll find everything you'll need to play an exciting sci-fi adventure game including:
  • A wide range of Skills, Attributes, Classes and Professions to make each Star unique.
  • Cyber-Enhancements to give your characters the “edge” they’ll need to compete on the streets of NHC.
  • Five, truly, Alien Races.
  • A complete, low maintenance, Campaign System that allows for Character Advancement as well as linking your adventures together.
  • A realistic Combat System that's easy to learn and adds tension to your games.
  • Four Basic Encounters that can be played over and over and always with a different result.
  • And a complete Environment to adventure in, New Hope City.

5150: New Beginnings can be played solo, same side with everyone against the game, or competitively against your friends. It's also playable with any figures you may already have and in any scale. That and it's fully compatible with 5150: Star Army, our military sci-fi game. 5150: New Beginnings is all about the story, your story.

176 pages
2.36mb PDF
$20.00 USD | Add to Cart

5150: New Hope City PI
A supplement for the New Beginnings- Urban Renewal customizable Sci-Fi skirmish/RPG

In NHC PI, you're a Private Investigator that handles the jobs that the cops won't take.
  • Relative kidnapped and can't tell the cops? Yep, I'll do it.
  • Track a cheating husband and get the "goods" on him? You bet.
  • Find some stolen "property" that you can't report to the insurance people? In a heart beat.
No job's too "dirty" and business is booming!

In NHC PI, each Encounter is built as you play. This means you never know who did it before the job and you won't find out until the end, and only if you succeed! This means that no two cases will ever be the same!

Eight new aliens and new Encounters to expand your New Beginnings games. And a Special Operative Profession to hunt the Cyndee, rogue Symons.

62 pages
3.2mb PDF
$14.00 USD | Add to Cart

5150 Fighter Command
Combat in Deep Space

5150: Fighter Command is THW’s game of Fighter combat in deep space. Yes, there are rules for Destroyers, Battleships, and other Capital Ships, but the stars are the Fighter Pilots. Start in command of a Flight of 2 or 3 Fighters and, if you stay alive, maybe you work your way up to Squadron Leader. Fighter Command introduces some new game mechanics for Dogfighting and a Special Maneuvers Table that allows you to play totally solo! With these new mechanics you only have to decide how your Fighters perform while the game flies your enemy.

  • Rules for Fighters and Capital Ships.
  • Stats for seven different Navies including Military and Civilian ships.
  • Five different Missions.
  • A low bookkeeping Campaign system to tie your Missions together.
  • Ways to increase your abilities and get yourself promoted.
  • Attributes that make your Fighter Pilots, Captains and Crews unique as well as the Navies different.

Like all THW games, Fighter Command can be played solo, same side, or head to head and with any figures you may already have. Even paper counters! Easy to learn but tough to master, Fighter Command will generate your battles for you and no two will ever be the same.

Fighter Command is compatible with 5150: Star Navy, the Fleet action space game from THW.

104 pages
4.8mb PDF
$17.00 USD | Add to Cart

Red Sand Black Moon
Fantasy Gladiatorial Combat

The Gladiators of Ancient Rome sometimes, but not always, fought to the death for the amusement of the crowd. If a Gladiator fought well he could appeal for mercy in the hope that his performance had earned him a reprieve.


Talomir, the fantasy world of Warrior Heroes and Rally Round the King, offers no such luxury. Gladiatorial combat thrives in Talomir but it’s strictly on the job training. There are no Gladiator schools or benevolent Patrons that will provide you the chance to learn your craft. Instead you learn on the battlefield or in some cases the back alleys of the decadent cities of Tropilium or Demeskeen, home of the largest arenas. But more than likely you’ll just die in some rat infested arena in a backwater town.

Ah, but if you succeed Fame and Fortune await.

RSBM uses mechanics similar to those found in Red Sand Blue Sky, the immensely popular game of Ancient Roman Gladiators. But Red Sand Black Moon takes it a step farther.

It allows you to fight gladiator matches with any fantasy figure you may already have!

RSBM has over twenty fantasy races with sixty plus characteristics or Signatures that allows you to create your own unique gladiator. Want to play a Troll? Yep. Demon? Got it. Dashing Knight? You bet!

Like all THW games RSBM can be played solo or same side against the game mechanics as well as head to head against your friends.

RSBM includes:
  • 20+ pre-generated opponents in paper counter form.
  • A campaign system to track the progress of your gladiators.
  • An arena to fight your matches.
  • And as much detail as you want to use.

90 pages
9.2mb PDF
$15.00 USD | Add to Cart

Warrior Heroes Legends
Skirmish Fantasy


And in Warrior Heroes – Legends here’s your chance to become one. You start life as an independent sell sword or perhaps an inexperienced caster of magic. But whichever you choose there’s nothing special about you as you start your story. But as the saying goes…


In Warrior Heroes – Legends the goal is simple. Gain Fame through your exploits and Fortune through your deeds. Start as a Warrior but finish as a King? It can happen and it’s all up to you. But before you can be King let’s start a little smaller. Like leading a small band of adventurers.

Warrior Heroes - Legends includes:
  • Multiple character classes and races.
  • Over sixty Signatures and Skills to personalize your character.
  • An easy to use Economics System with little book keeping.
  • Quick and easy Magic rules.
  • Complete environment to adventure in.
  • A variety of scenarios and a how to for making more.
  • And much, much more!

146 pages
10.3mb PDF
$20.00 USD | Add to Cart

Game of the Wasteland

The Four Horsemen have arrived! Now what?

HOW ABOUT A GAME OF QWIK? In the despair known simply as the Wasteland, mankind still craves its sport and its sport is called Qwik. Every village, every town has its own team.

WHAT IS QWIK? To learn about the game you must first learn about the people that play it, the Qwikers. Qwikers come in all size, age, and sex. If you can play, you can find a team. Each team is made up of:
  • Drivers - Drivers use their two-handed weapons to knock their opponents out of the match, literally.
  • Chain - Swinging metal chains their objective is to protect their Qwik by keeping opponents at bay.
  • Qwik - Only the Qwik can touch the dog skull. The objective of the Qwik is to fight his way through the opposing team and stick the skull on the opponent's stake, winning the match.
You start as the player-manager of a team in the Heart of the Wasteland. Win matches and you get famous, lose matches and the team will disband. Gain better matches until you win your way to the Cities where it's a pie in the sky life and you want your piece!

But playing Qwik is not without its dangers. Break a bone, lose a limb and yes maybe even die. What happens when you can’t play anymore? Your team leaves you behind and finds a replacement.


Inside you'll find:
  • A full color Qwik field and counters to play your matches.
  • Rules to create your individual Qwikers and build your team.
  • Nineteen pre-generated Qwik teams to play against.
  • Three different Locales to play in from the harsh Heart of the Wasteland to the luxurious Cities.
  • Campaign rules that cover every aspect of the sport.
Your time grows short as you make your way towards the field for your first match. All the training and the pain that you endured to make it here, you hope that it will serve you and your team well. The crowd roars as you, the Qwik, stride to the center of the field. You look across the dirt into the eyes of your opponent, a man as desperate as you. Gong! The game starts. Welcome to hell.

Qwik is fully compatible with All Things Zombie, 5150 and other THW games. Can you play a game of Qwik using your characters from other THW games? Yes you can!

48 pages
2.5mb PDF
$10.00 USD | Add to Cart