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The year is 3329, and the stars are trembling with the angry footsteps of men and machines. Earth has been laid waste -- an act of retribution and defiance committed by the colonies she spawned decades before. Although the horror of her death put a stop to all-out war between the colonies, reinforced by the sullen, crimson glow of her corpse, brother still battles brother. For power; for resources; for some other imagined slight or weakly-rationalized reason: it matters not. They send forth their Wardogs to do battle with their enemies on dozens of worlds and moons in a war that seems endless. Throughout the colonies, people look skywards to see a shooting star not in awe of the cosmos, but in trepidation of yet another battle to come.

Wardogs puts players in charge of mercenary forces hired by independent colonies, colonial militia, or the military of one of the four burgeoning multi-system nations that exist in the thirty-fourth century. Included in this book are record sheets for three dozen Wardog units, plus eleven standard infantry squad types typically found deployed among the twelve independent colonies and four stellar nations. The rocky road Man has traveled to reach the stars and the events that came after are given in enough detail to provide a feel for this default setting without being so detailed that the players cannot make it their own.

Nor are players limited to the units and timeline provided. Construction rules allow for development of mecha, armored vehicles, aircraft, naval landing and riverine craft, buildings, and infantry types ranging from steampunk to beyond the thirty-fourth century. In addition, players can create almost 900 different planetary environmental conditions in which to do battle with the Hostile Environment rules. Optional rules are also included for infantry morale, pilot skill advancement, and integrating Wardogs with Starmada.

142 pages
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Starmada: The Admiralty Edition
Starmada is a miniatures board game of starship combat. At its most basic level, players take command of space fleets in a general attempt to reduce each other to just so much space junk. At its most advanced, the game can be customized to breathe life into any science fiction background that players might imagine.

Starmada: The Admiralty Edition core rulebook represents nearly a year of collective effort to update, streamline, and otherwise improve upon the Universal Game of Starship Combat.

In addition to the essential rules, the Core Rulebook includes:
- Nearly 100 different options from which to pick and choose to create the type of game YOU want to play
- A design system that allows for nearly five million different types of weapon
- A fully-customizable set of rules for small craft, allowing for over one million different types of fighters, drones, and seeking weapons
- Guidelines for converting your Starmada X ship designs to their Admiralty equivalents
- A half-dozen sample scenarios
- The most comprehensive and flexible starship construction rules of any game available

86 pages
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Starmada Imperial Sourcebook
These pages describe the universe of the Imperial Starmada: the interstellar naval arm of the Terran military. Although in a state of uneasy peace with its immediate neighbors, the Starmada is now faced with its greatest threat—an alien power of unknown size, strength, and intention. Can the Terrans summon a coalition to face down this new adversary, or will old enmities force the Empire to its knees?

In addition to historical background for five different factions in the Starmada universe, the Imperial Starmada Sourcebook includes:
Thirty starship designs for the Starmada and its major adversaries;
New starship options and weapon traits, including anti-fighter batteries, overthrusters, limited ammunition, and more;
Rules for three-dimensional movement and combat interception;
The "Simplest Campaign System"; and
A complete board game that can be used as a scenario generator for Starmada.

The Imperial Starmada Sourcebook is not a standalone product; ownership of the Starmada Admiralty Edition Core Rulebook is required.

82 pages
34.5mb PDF
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Hammer & Claw: The Grumm Wars Sourcebook
A supplement for the Starmada game, detailing a universe in which Mankind’s first contact did not go well…

The Wars are an ongoing conflict between Earth's spacefaring nations and the Grumm, bent on exterminating what they perceive as a threat to their very existence. Hostilities are driven, as with most wars, by greed, misunderstanding, and fear, in equal measure. Can Earth's superpowers, wary and distrustful of each other for more than 300 years, unite in the face of a common enemy? Or has humanity already doomed itself to annihilation?

In addition to extensive background material describing the Grumm Wars universe, this book contains thirty-five new starship designs representing the alien Grumm, the nomadic Boers, and Terra’s three spacefaring powers: the Union of European States, Daitoua Kyoueiken, and Pan-Atlantic Commonwwealth. Also included are several scenarios, plus all of the supplemental rules necessary to fight out the Grumm Wars, including brand-new options such as shipboard combat and dual-mode weapons.

The ZIP file download includes both a full-colour PDF and a printer-friendly black and white version.

Hammer & Claw is not a standalone product; ownership of the Starmada Admiralty Edition Core Rulebook is required.

82 pages
29.8mb PDF
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Defiance: Vital Ground
A squad-level game of modern and science-fiction battles for use with 15mm or 25mm miniatures

Fast-paced rules for fluid, tactical combat. With each attack resolved by just a few die rolls, players will find that how they use their troops is as important as which troops they choose to field.

The complete Army Customizer™ force-building tool. A varied, consistent, comprehensive and balanced construction system, the Customizer allows for step-by-step creation of just about any modern or science-fiction army that players can imagine. Four complete army lists, pitched against the backdrop of an engaging and original star-spanning background with strategic and political depth. Each list was constructed using the Army Customizer™ - no cutting corners or fudging point values. Professional artwork, fiction and graphic design to stimulate the imagination, all in one complete and ready-to-play package.

250 pages
37mb PDF
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Spitting Fire
A pseudo-historical game of aerial combat, set during the turbulent years of World War II

With Spitting Fire, players can take control of the aircraft forged in this crucible of conflict, and battle each other in skies the world over! We should state at the outset that those who are aching for a historically-accurate, painstakingly-researched, richly-detailed simulation of World War II dogfights should probably look elsewhere. While such games can be exciting, they aren’t what we had in mind. However, if you want a fast-playing, fun game that gives a nod to history without getting bogged down in historical minutiae, then Spitting Fire is for you.

Spitting Fire is designed to be used with any scale from 1:700 to 1:72 (although larger scales will require a substantial playing area). The rulebook includes data cards for 25 of the most famous fighters from World War II.

52 pages
8.11mb PDF
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ARES Expanded Rulebook
A complete skirmish-level fantasy wargame system

This flexible rulebook allows you to use any miniatures in your collection. Sample army lists are included, along with guidelines for designing your own. Also included is a fully-customizable magic system.

The ARES Expanded rulebook contains the full text of the ARES 2nd Edition rules and the ARES Bestiary.

130 pages
10mb PDF
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Aces at Dawn
A game of quasi-historical combat in the skies

Set at the turn of the century, the game models the man-to-man combat of the World-War I flying ace and his dreaded enemies. As with all Majestic Twelve games, Aces at Dawn is fun and easy to play, works with any line of miniatures, and encourages players to use their imagination and have fun, which is the way wargaming is supposed to be.

With 36 planes at your disposal and a fully-customizable points system, you can build existing planes we haven't included and also try out designs that you think would have wreaked havoc in the skies of France. The flexibility of the system allows players to recreate the man-to-man air jousting at the turn of the twentieth century. A simple combat and maneuver system means you can dispense with complicated maneuver charts and intricately detailed plane record-keeping. What’s left on the board is just plain fun.

Two versions - each 42 pages
22.6mb PDF
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For the Masses
A comprehensive fantasy mass-combat wargame system

Designed for use with 15mm miniatures, although any line of miniatures from 6mm up can be used for play. But it is also much more: The flexibility of the system allows players to use any fantasy setting and armies to play out famous fantastic scenarios and ancient epic battles.

Several sample army lists are included in the book but the real strength of For the Masses is the custom unit creation system.

66 pages
2.25mb PDF
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Grand Fleets
A miniatures game of dreadnought-era naval warfare

In addition to rules for everything from ships to aeroplanes, Zeppelins to submarines, the rulebook includes: Data cards for over 120 ships, plus guidelines for converting any ship of the period to game values; Eight scenarios encompassing conflicts from the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 through the opening salvoes of World War Two, including several variants; Fifteen pages of weapon data, covering all major gun and torpedo models in use through 1939, over 200 aeroplanes, and more than 20 airships; and optional rules for flotillas, night-fighting, smokescreens, and more!

114 pages
9.03mb PDF
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Iron Stars
A game of space combat in an age of steam and steel

Set in a fictional universe based loosely on the writings of H. G. Wells and other fantasists, it provides a back story and ship designs from an alternate history in which the Martian Invasion actually happened, the ether is all-pervasive, and Cavorite is a reality. But, as with Starmada and other Majestic Twelve Games products, the focus is on players' imaginations; a clear and concise ship construction system is provided so you can pit your own space dreadnoughts against the likes of the Royal Navy Ether Squadron or the German Äthermarine.

72 pages
18.9mb PDF
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Iron Stars: The Merchant War
The first supplement for Iron Stars

Expands the Iron Stars game, with: A detailed history of the Merchant War of 1908-1909 between the United Kingdom and Austria-Hungary; The introduction of fast attack craft (FACs) and His Majesty’s Space Station Celestial Queen; One dozen new ship designs, including the German Äthermarine and Austro-Hungarian Sternmarine; Six new scenarios covering actions of the Merchant War; More information about Martians by the best-known chronicler of the Invasion, H. G. Wells; Additional rules for combat, including crew casualties and searchlights; New special equipment, such as machine guns and poison gas; Errata for the original Iron Stars rulebook; and rules for including freighters and Q-ships in your games.

72 pages
9.52mb PDF
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Iron Stars: Southern Front
The second supplement for Iron Stars

Additional game mechanics and background material that extends our semi historical timeline through the pivotal year of 1912: An overview of world history from the close of the Merchant War through the Antarctic crisis; Nearly four dozen new ether ship designs, covering the space forces of South America, Italy, Turkey, and Spain, along with additional ships from Britain and Japan, and the introduction of the Soviet space forces; Coverage of the Falklands War between the British Empire and the A.B.C. Powers (Argentina, Brazil, and Chile), including nine new scenarios; "The Red One”, a short story by Jack London; A new space station, HMSS Diamond Rock; Rules for boarding parties and shipboard combat; New special equipment, such as star shells and heat rays; and rules for orbital bombardment of surface targets.

111 pages
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