Le Petit Empereur

A fast play rule set for the Napoleonic period gamer

We had a great time...simple, yet artful mechanics...a clever idea is the morale clock...Le Petit Empereur has many subtleties...Proper use of infantry, cavalry, and artillery is rewarded...LPE is an excellent way to introduce someone to this colourful and dramatic period of history.
"Napoleon Magazine"
Seeks to be for Napoleonics what DBA was for ancients...The system is very workable...These rules are worth a look.
"The Courier"

Le Petit Empereur is a fast play rule set for the Napoleonic period gamer. It is designed to get you started quickly in this fascinating period by offering a short, concise rules set, army lists that require around 125 painted figures each, expandable terrain to meet your desires and the requirements of historical re-fights, minimal equipment requirements, and a mechanism called the morale clock that drives the game to its conclusion in less than two hours. To give a flavour for the period and its many quirks LPE includes rules for infantry in square, national differences, the differing impact of artillery and cavalry, troops of varying types and capabilities, and the impact of leadership and morale on the outcome of the battle.

Le Petit Empereur offers the player of Napoleonic wargames the following:

  • Complete games may be played in less than two hours
  • Perfect for campaign and tournament play
  • Inexpensive, easily painted armies (around 125 figures per army)
  • Only 1d6, 1d10, a tape measure, and 20 casualty caps needed per player
  • Unique national capabilites
  • Simplified basing
  • Easy identification of troop type allows for inclusion of any historical units desired
  • Simple and quick rules for movement and combat resolution
  • Fully tested by non-affiliated wargamers
  • No written unit identification required, no cumbersome communications rules
  • Historical matchups not required - Play Russians vs. Austrians if you like...
  • Complete orders of battle for all nationalities

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