Curtis and Chip of Chipco Games have been digging through their vaults, and have discovered
unpainted 15mm and painted 25mm figures from Chariot, Reaper, and Ral Partha!

In celebration of 20 years in business, Chipco are offering a 30% discount on all Chipco products through to the end of May!

The 15mm are Chariot, Reaper, and Ral Partha minis;
the painted 25mm are the armies that were used to develop and playtest the original Fantasy Rules!.
Many of these figures are rare and OOP. Very limited quantities!


Days of Knights 2nd Edition

Age of Gunpowder

Chrysanthemum Throne

Le Petit Empereur

Fantasy Rules! 3rd Edition

Fantasy Rules! TCE
Tournament and Campaign

Now Available!

Chipco Chess
Chess Variant

DOK 1st Edition still available

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